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Curly hair type 3 A most often has the following problems: electrification and lack of definition.

See below a video on how to use curly hair products from Jessicurl for this type of hair.

Shampoo by chalk - Jessicurl

Shampoo for curly hair, which comes in the form of a cream, which does not create a lot of foam but ensures a delicate cleaning of the hair and its hydration.

Clay balm - Jessicurl

It is a thick, moisturizing conditioner that does not load or thicken the hair, which contains shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil.

Chalk styling solution - Jessicurl

Defines and improves the curls.
It is a product that helps to curl the hair and fight its electrification.

Cream by chalk - Jessicurl

This cream for curly hair is a product with a creamy texture, which amazingly defines curls and provides excellent protection against moisture.

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