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Продукти за къдрава коса (КОМПЛЕКТ) - Jessicurl


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Curly hair product set - Jessicurl


Gentle Lather Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that does not use harsh cleaning agents and creates a light creamy foam.

Идеален е за фина вълнообразна или къдрава коса, но може да се използва успешно и за права коса.

Начин на усвояване:

Shake the bottle, moisturize the hair well and massage the scalp to create a light foam.
Може да не получите много пяна след първото нанасяне, но косата ви ще остане чиста.
Ако искате повече пяна, повторете процеса на почистване.
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Aloeba Daily Conditioner contains jojoba oil, coconut, avocado and aloe vera and provides optimal hydration to your hair.

Ideal for fine curly and wavy hair but also for straight hair.

Начин на усвояване:

Apply to damp hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.


Gelebration Spray gives the necessary hold to wavy and curly but thin hair.

Defines and improves curls and curls.

Many people have curly hair but lose their definition if they use too many styling products.

Начин на усвояване:

Shake the bottle and apply evenly on damp hair.

Allow the hair to dry freely or dry it with a diffuser. An alternative method of application is to spray the substance in the palms and then tighten the curls with your hands. To give extra hold to the hair and protection against moisture, use the product together with Confident Coils cream.